Looking for good plain English information about Coronavirus or COVID-19?

Keogh Bay has developed an e-learning package for an Indigenous audience that explains the reasons behind the key health messages. Kingsley Bartlett, a Nyoongar man from the South West of Western Australia is your guide through the program.

It is totally free. There is no signup, no need to share your email address, just click and dive in!

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The package answers the questions shown in the picture on the right. Each topic takes 5-10 minutes to do.

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Local Browser Version.
Have a slow interenet connection but still want the full interactive course experience?

Download the course from here, unzip, and click on "story.html" to view in your browser without an internet connection.

Windows EXE Version
Need to distribute the course offline, perhaps to people who have no internet connection at all? This version can be downloaded for CD, then delivered your course to learners via CD, DVD, USB drive, network drive, kiosk, or email.

Download from this link, unzip, and click on "launch_story.exe." to start the course.

Video Version (MP4)
Want to view the course as a non-interactive video -- perhaps to play on a loop in your waiting room? This is an MP4 video version which can be viewed on your PC, laptop, or television via a laptop device.

Download, unzip, and click on the mp4 file.

Feedback, Questions and Support

Murdoch University is helping us assess the effectiveness of this package.

If you have time to give us detailed feedback, click here to fill out a survey [coming soon].

The survey is anonymous and will be mailed directly to a researcher in the Ngangk Yira Aboriginal Health Research Centre. If you would prefer someone to call you to get your answers, click here to leave your name and number. A researcher from Ngangk Yira will call you in within two days.

Email us with any questions at covid19@keoghbay.com.au or visit our website at: https://keoghbay.com.au/truestorycovid19/

If you would like to support the further development and update of the package, please get in touch!

Acknowledgements and Credits

Keogh Bay would like Professor Rhonda Marriott and Professor Fiona Stanley for their strong support of the project concept; giving us the confidence go ahead; guidance on funding and review of the materials.

We would also like to thank:


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